24 Different Colors of Aglaonema Varieties with Images

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Aglaonema is a genus of flowering plants in the family Araceae. The common name for the plant is simply Chinese Evergreen.

In Indonesia, it is also known as Sri Rejeki Plant.

These plants are typically found in warm, tropical areas and they have large, some have heart-shaped leaves.

There are 23 different color varieties of this popular plant in this article. Here are the varieties of them you can grow at home!

Best Aglaonema Varieties

1. Aglaonema Claudia

The leaves on this Claudia are pale green. Despite its pale leaf color, the bone has a lovely pink hue.

Thailand is the origin of the Sri Rejeki Claudia plant. It’s no surprise that the price of seeds is higher than for other types of Aglaonema plants.


2. Aglaonema Love

The leaf shape of the Sri Rejeki Cinta plant is lovely. It’s no surprise that so many people are looking for this one Aglaonema Love.

Because the leaves are curved on the second part of the base, they have a heart shape. This is what distinguishes Aglaonema Love as an ornamental plant.

Aglaonema Love can be grown both indoors and outdoors.


3. Aglaonema Suksom

Suksom, including the Sri Rejeki plant, is quite expensive, reaching 200 USD.

The red color on the leaves of Aglaonema Suksom, which are so bright and plain with minimal chlorophyll, is its defining feature, as shown below.


4. Aglaonema Red Peacock

This category of Widuri includes Sri Rejeki, which has a high price, sometimes reaching 7,000 USD or more. This one plant, on the other hand, is highly sought after.

This type is distinguished by a bright red color in the center of the leaves, as shown below.


Also, read about how to care for aglaonema plant.

5. Aglaonema Anyamanee

The beauty of this Aglaonema Anyamanee is in its broad leaves, which come in three stunning colors: green, red, and white.

In 2020, this will be one of the most expensive ornamental plants.

You see, it’s difficult to come by, and there aren’t many of them. Of course, the selling price of this single plant can easily reach thousands of USD.


6. Aglaonema Pride of Sumatra

You may recall that in 2002, this Sri Rejeki plant from Sumatra won an international ornamental plant competition in the Netherlands.

This plant earned the moniker Pride of Sumatra, which translates to “Pride of Sumatra.” Today, the Sri Rejeki Sumatra plant price is still in the 35 USD to 70 USD range.


7. Aglaonema Lipstick

This plant, also known as Siam Aurora, has a strong red color on the edges of its leaves that resembles red lipstick on lips. The price of the Sri Rejeki plant is indeed lower.


8. Aglaonema Legacy

This type appears to be similar to thistle at first glance. The leaves of this one plant, on the other hand, are wide at the base but tapered at the tips.

In contrast to the dominant motif of light green spots, the bones of the leaves are red.


9. Aglaonema Adelia

This particular plant has a leaf shape similar to the legacy type. The Sri Rejeki Adelia plant, on the other hand, has long and slender leaves at the ends.

Adelia leaves can grow up to 30 cm long, with a dominant dark green leaf pattern and random yellowish and pink spots, as shown below.


10. Modesutum

This lovely specimen has pale green stems and green leaves with white stripes. One of the plants designated by NASA as an air purifier plant is the Modesutum ornamental plant.

Plants with this green and white pattern adapt well to various room temperatures. However, avoid lowering the temperature below 16 degrees Celsius.


11. Aglaonema Nitidum

Sri Rejeki Nitidum ornamental plants can be kept in a house with limited light.

This variety, you see, will remain fertile even if it does not receive much sunlight.


12. Aglaonema Cutlass

This one plant has a green leaf shape with creamy white strokes in the middle of the leaf that look like blades. The beauty of this plant can enhance the appearance of the room.


13. Aglaonema Emerald Bay

The Emerald Bay plant has a fantastic combination of dark green edges and a silver-gray center.

This one plant is also the most sought after because it has a distinct beauty when compared to others.

However, avoid putting it in a location that receives a lot of sunlight.

Source: Englishgardens

14. Aglaonema Harlequin

One of its distinguishing features is the color of the Sri Rejeki Harlequin ornamental plant’s leaves, which can change depending on the light.

The leaves will appear yellow with pink streaks in the middle of the light is too bright.

Meanwhile, if the light is very shady, the leaves are green with yellow spots and pink streaks in the middle, as shown in this photo.


15. Aglaonema Silver Queen

This is the most well-known type of Aglaonema ornamental plant in China. The leaves are silver-green and have a spear shape.

It’s no surprise that this single plant is stunning despite its short stem.

It is pretty simple to care for. It must be placed near a window that receives a lot of shaded light.


16. Aglaonema Silver King

This plant is known as the “Silver King” because of its dark green leaves with a silver radiance from the main outline of the leaves.

This ornamental plant should be placed in a shady area not exposed to direct sunlight, such as the house’s hallway.


17. Aglaonema Chinese Evergreen

At first glance, this breed appears to be very similar to the ‘Silver Queen.’ The leaves on the Chinese Evergreen ornamental plant, on the other hand, are slightly smaller and denser.

Make sure to keep this one ornamental plant in a cool place. It can be used as an ornamental plant in an air-conditioned room.


18. Aglaonema Maria

The Maria plant, also known as Emerald Beauty, is an ornamental plant native to the Philippines.

This variety has a dark green leaf shape with a lighter green stroke motif in the center. Relax; taking care of this single ornamental plant is simple.


19. BJ Freeman

The BJ Freeman type is ideal for a Sri Rejeki plant with relatively large and distinctively shaped leaves.

It is distinguished by the shape of large leaves with shades of gray, green, and white in the center.

Maintenance is also relatively simple; it must be placed in an area with little direct sunlight.


20. Aglaonema Brilliant

This plant has bright speckled leaves with creamy white midribs and cream-gray spots. In comparison, the surface of the leaves is dark green.

This plant is known good for purifying the air.


21. Aglaonema Cory

This cultivar has a lovely leaf shape. Its distinguishing feature is the silvery green stripe motif. In comparison, the stem is white or cream.

Sri Rejeki Cory ornamental plants can be placed in a cold environment, such as an air-conditioned room.


22. Aglaonema Emerald Star

Aglaonema Emerald Star ornamental plants have a rapid growth rate. Furthermore, the shape of the leaves is varied in color and quite soft.

The leaves of the Sri Rejeki Emerald Star plant are dark green with light green spots, with a pink center that matches the color of the stems.

Source: nouveauraw

23. Agalonema Super White

If you’re looking for a white Sri Rejeki ornamental plant, this one is a good option.

The Aglaonema Super White ornamental plant has white leaves with light green spots.

This plant is usually kept in a cool room. It would be beneficial if you kept it out of direct sunlight.

This plant can typically reach a height of 60 cm.


24. Agalonema Pictum Tricolor

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor Growing and Care

The painted aglaonema or Chinese evergreen is native to Southeast Asia and belongs to the arum family. It is frequently referred to as the Chinese evergreen.

The plant has dark green leaves with silver and white variegation. It has been cultivated as a houseplant since the Victorian period.

Also, read about how to grow and care for Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor.

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