16 Best Varieties of Fruit Trees You Can Grow in Pots

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Growing fruit trees in pots is an excellent way to have your own home orchard almost anywhere.

This method allows you to grow the trees in smaller spaces and even balconies, which would be inaccessible for larger plants.

Depending on the variety, fruit trees can be grown in pots, from a small one for indoor conditions up to a large container that can support their growth.

Here are some of the best varieties of fruit trees you can grow in pots.

1. Grapes

Grapes in Pot

The first option is to plant grapes.

The reason grapes are grown at home is that in addition to healthy fruit for consumption by you and your family at home, the appearance of grapes is also beautiful and exotic to decorate your yard.

Choose a type of vine that has good quality and is delicious to eat, for example, the type of Transfiguration. This type of grapes has a unique color and delicious taste when consumed fresh.

2. Mango

Mango fruit in pot

The next recommendation is the mango fruit plant. Why do mango plants need to be planted? Because this plant is a fast fruiting plant. At the age of one year, this mango plant can produce fruit.

You can also enjoy the delicious and healthy flesh of the fruit to eat.

3. Avocado


The next plant recommended to be kept in your pot at home is Avocado. If planted in your home pots, Avocado plants will be the main attraction.

Besides being healthy to eat and easy to maintain, this plant can also look ‘exotic’ in your yard.

4. Sapodilla fruit

Sapodilla fruit

The next recommendation for fruit crops to be planted is Sapodilla fruit. This sapodilla plant has many types; one type I recommend to plant is Manila sapodilla.

This Manila sapodilla plant is easier and faster to bear fruit.

5. Longan


Longan is a type of plant that diligently bears fruit. However, this also needs to be adjusted between the type of longan planted and the environmental climate.

One type of longan that is easy to grow and bears fruit quickly is the Matalada longan.

6. Sweet Starfruit

Sweet Starfruit

One of the easiest types of fruit plants to bear fruit that is recommended to be planted in your home is sweet star fruit. This plant is easy to grow in pots and diligent in fruiting.

7. Sunkist Oranges

Sunkist Oranges

Citrus plants are plants that have many kinds. Sunkist oranges are recommended as a plant for your home pot because this plant is diligent in fruiting and has a sweet fruit taste.

Sunkist citrus plants bear fruit all year round and are easy to grow in pots.

So it will not be in vain to plant this fruit plant.

8. Ambarella


Ambarella fruit is a fruit that has a sour and sweet taste.

For those who are still beginners in growing fruit plants in pots, you can try planting Ambarella in pots.

This Ambarella plant is diligent in bearing fruit and is easy to maintain in pots.

9. Nagami Orange

Nagami Orange

The next recommendation for fruit plants that can be planted in pots is Nagami oranges. Nagami oranges are easy to bear in pots and can produce dense fruit.

One of the uniqueness of Nagami oranges is that they can be eaten with the skin and have an exotic taste.

10. Lime


Next, you have the option of growing limes in pots. Lime is a fruit plant that is easy to grow in pots or polybags.

This plant also looks beautiful if used as an ornamental house plant.

But the thing to note is that this plant has thorns, so don’t place it in a place that is easily accessible to people.

Apart from being a home garden freshener, lime plants can be consumed as a drink or additional food flavoring.

11. Kasturi Orange

Kasturi Orange

The reason why musk lime is recommended as a plant in your home pot is that this plant can bear fruit throughout the year, and besides being edible, it has an exotic appearance.

Kasturi orange will have a luxurious appearance when combined with an aesthetic pot and is not inferior to other ornamental plants.

12. Guava Crystal

Guava Crystal

Crystal guava is a fruit plant that is very suitable to be planted in pots.

How maintain this guava plant is easy. If you don’t want the plant to grow tall, you can trim the crown of the plant to keep it short.

If you diligently cut the elongated canopy, it will form a short lush canopy and bear fruit.

In addition to pots, you can also plant this Crystal guava plant in the yard.

13. Water Guava

Water guava

Water guava is a plant that has many types. But here, I recommend you plant green Deli Honey Guava, Air Citra Guava, or Kesuma Merah Water Guava (Syzygium aqueum).

Water guava is a fruit plant that diligently bears fruit that you can easily plant in pots.

14. Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

The dragon fruit plant is a plant that diligently bears fruit and can bear fruit throughout the year. Besides producing fruit that can be consumed, this dragon fruit plant can also be used as an ornamental plant in the house’s yard.

Dragon fruit is a plant that is relatively easy to grow. It does not require special techniques to be able to grow this dragon fruit.

In general, dragon fruit plants that are often planted are dragon fruit with red skin color, and the flesh is red or white with fine black seeds.

Also, read about how to grow dragon fruit cuttings in a pot.

15. Dekopon Oranges

Dekopon Oranges

This type of orange from Japan tastes fresh, sweet, and has no seeds. Dekopon fruit size is large and can reach a weight of 1 kg.

Dekopon oranges are also fast-fruited, both planted in the highlands and lowlands. They are suitable to be planted in pots and look beautiful when they bear fruit.

Dekopon oranges are one of the most expensive types of oranges.

16. Black Sapote

Black Sapote

It is a fruit that is also called a chocolate pudding fruit. This fruit is in the family with sapodilla fruit and comes from Mexico.

The taste and shape of this fruit are very similar to chocolate pudding. The flesh of this fruit is blackish brown like chocolate pudding with an exotic taste.

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