Bottom Material inside Aglaonema Pot to Avoid Root Rot

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Aglaonema enthusiasts, of course, must use the following materials at the bottom of the pot when planting aglaonema to ensure smooth water drainage and air circulation.

This will promote healthy, fruitful aglaonema root growth and prevent root rot. These materials are also rather easy to purchase and obtain.

According to Urbanfarmcollective, as stated by several YouTube sources, the following materials should be utilized at the bottom of the pot, along with application tips (choose one).

1. Coconut shell charcoal;

2. Gravel;

3. Decorative stones;

4. Small pieces of brick or tiles;

How to use it as a base for planting media

1. Choose one of the materials that will be used as the basis for planting media.

2. Wash the materials.

3. Prepare the ingredients to sterilize the basic materials of the pot that we use, with a fungicide solution.

4. Soak the material in an organic fungicide solution. This is to ensure that the material used as the pot’s base does not become moldy.

5. Let the material soak in the fungicide solution for 15 to 20 minutes.

6. When it’s finished soaking, put the material in the bottom of the pot.

7. Pile up a little with planting media that is ready to use, such as planting media with a mixture of husks, fertilizers, and so on.

8. Put the aglaonema plant and backfill with planting media.

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