Cyclamen House Plant : Complete Guide And Care Tips

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The Cyclamen House Plant: A Complete Guide and Care Tips

Are you looking for a beautiful yet easy-to-care-for house plant? Look no further than the cyclamen! This stunning plant boasts delicate flowers in shades of pink, white, and red, with heart-shaped leaves that add to its charm.

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but the cyclamen is also known for its resilience and adaptability.

Origin and History

The cyclamen is native to Europe and the Mediterranean region.

It was first recorded in Greece during ancient times as a wildflower.

The Romans later introduced it to other parts of Europe as an ornamental plant.


Cyclamen Care Tips

If you want your cyclamen to thrive indoors or outdoors during winter months in mild climates (USDA Zones 9-11), follow these simple care tips:

Lighting Conditions:

Cyclamens prefer bright indirect light with some shade during hot summer months.

Place them near a window that doesn’t receive direct sunlight or under artificial lighting if natural light isn’t available.


Cyclamens require cool temperatures between 60-68 degrees F (15-20°C) during their flowering period from fall through spring but can withstand warmer conditions up until 75°F (24°C) when not actively blooming.


Potting Mix:

You should use soilless potting mixes specially formulated for indoor plants or create your mix by combining peat moss, sand, and perlite in equal parts.


Cyclamens prefer moist but not saturated soil.

Water the plant from the bottom by placing it on a saucer of water for 30 minutes or until the soil feels slightly damp to touch.


Feed cyclamens with a balanced fertilizer every two weeks during flowering periods.

Use a liquid fertilizer diluted to half strength according to manufacturer instructions.

Troubleshooting Common Issues


If you’re noticing any issues with your cyclamen, try these solutions:

  • Drooping Leaves: Overwatering is typically the culprit here.

    Allow the top layer of soil to dry out before watering again.

  • Yellow Leaves: This could be due to overwatering or underwatering.

    Check that you’re watering correctly and adjust as necessary.

  • No Flowers: Cyclamens need cool temperatures and bright lighting conditions in order to flower.

    Make sure you’re following care instructions accurately.

In conclusion

The cyclamen plant is not only beautiful but also easy-to-care-for making it an excellent option for indoor or outdoor use in mild winter climates (USDA Zones 9-11).

However, ensure that you follow all care tips mentioned above so that your plant remains healthy and blossoms beautifully throughout its life cycle!


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