cyclamen plant : Complete Guide and Care Tips

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The Cyclamen Plant: A Complete Guide and Care Tips

When it comes to indoor plants, the cyclamen plant is a popular choice for many. This beautiful flowering plant not only adds a pop of color to any room, but it’s also relatively easy to care for. In this guide we’ll take you through everything you need to know about the cyclamen plant from its origin and varieties to how best to care for one.

What is a Cyclamen Plant?

The cyclamen plant (Cyclamen persicum) belongs to the Primulaceae family and is native to Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. It’s commonly grown as an indoor plant in cooler climates due its preference for cooler temperatures.


Types of Cyclamen Plants

There are several types of cyclamens available on the market today including:

  • Cyclamen persicum – This type has heart-shaped leaves with flowers that can range from white or pink through shades of red or purple.
  • Cyclamen coum – This type has dark green leaves that are round in shape with flowers ranging from white or pink through shades of red or purple.
  • Cyclamen hederifolium – Known as ivy-leaved cyclamens these plants have silver patches on their leaves with stems growing up after blooming period instead down into soil like other species do; they also have flowers ranging from white or pink through shades of red or purple.

Care Tips for Your Cyclamen Plant


If you’re considering adding a beautiful cyclament planter in your home read on about some tips that will help keep them healthy:

Lighting Requirements

Cyclamen plants like bright but indirect sunlight. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight as this can scorch their leaves.

Temperature Requirements

Cyclamen plants prefer cooler temperatures, between 55°F to 65°F (12°C to 18°C), so avoid placing them in drafty areas or near heating vents. They also don’t do well in high humidity environments, so keep them away from bathrooms or kitchens.


Watering Requirements

The cyclamen plant likes its soil moist but not soggy. Be sure to water it from the bottom by keeping it in a saucer filled with water for about an hour and then remove any excess water that hasn’t been absorbed by the plant’s roots.

Fertilizing Requirements

Cyclamen plants benefit from monthly feeding during the growing season with a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted at half the recommended strength on package instructions.

Pest Control

Aphids and spider mites are common pests that can afflict cyclamens as well as mealybugs which cause damage similar symptoms but produce a white powdery substance on plant parts; use insecticidal soap solutions or neem oil spray periodically throughout growing season if pest problems persist despite careful maintenance practices such as removing dead foliage regularly and inspecting pots for signs of infestation before bringing new plants indoors etc..


In Conclusion

The cyclamen plant is both beautiful and easy to care for making it an ideal addition to any indoor space. By following these simple tips you can ensure your cyclament planter stays healthy and thrives year-round!

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