Doll’s Eye Plant : Complete Guide And Care Tips

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The Complete Guide and Care Tips for Doll’s Eye Plant

If you’re looking for a unique and eye-catching plant to add to your garden, the doll’s eye plant (Actaea pachypoda) is an excellent choice.

This native North American perennial is known for its distinctive white berries that resemble tiny eyeballs, hence its name.

However, while it may look cute and harmless, this plant can be toxic if ingested in large quantities.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a complete guide to the doll’s eye plant, including how to care for it properly.

Characteristics of Doll’s Eye Plant

The doll’s eye plant grows up to 60 cm tall with deeply lobed leaves that are green in color.

The real attraction of the doll’s eye plant is its white berries or fruits that grow on red stalks in late summer or early fall.

These berries are round and have a black dot at one end that looks like a pupil.

Care Tips for Doll’s Eye Plant

Doll’s eyes plants grow well under partial shade conditions where they get protection from direct sunlight but still receive some light.

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