What’s the Meaning of Flower Colors?

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Color is the most considered thing when someone wants to choose flower plants. Apart from being a visual communication tool, color can affect a person’s mood.

For example, to express love, sorrow, respect, appreciation, and others.

Have you ever imagined someone who gives dark flowers to their partner to express their love?

If viewed from the definition of color in visual communication, this can provide a different interpretation with the intent to be conveyed.


Apart from being a visual communication tool, colors in flowers can have a psychological impact on those around them who see them according to the colors displayed.

This is also under the research results by experts on the impact of flower color on a person’s mood.

For those of you who want to know more about the meaning and influence of color on flowers for visual communication tools and their psychological impact, here’s an explanation (reported by Kompas):

Flower Color Meanings

1. Red

This rose color is associated with love and admiration. Red roses are frequently offered as a gift to couples.

Several studies have revealed that red can stimulate appetite and improve the accuracy of specific tasks.

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2. Yellow

The color yellow appears to be bright and joyful. This could be why yellow flowers are associated with friendliness.

According to one florist, “the cheery color of the yellow rose indicates, ‘You are a good buddy.’”

However, if you are in a love relationship, you should avoid giving yellow roses to your spouse. Because some people believe the hue symbolizes jealousy and betrayal.

Several studies have shown that prolonged exposure to this color can make adults lose their temper and make babies cry. Yellow is also the least comfortable color for the eyes, causing fatigue insensitive eyes.

3. Lavender

This color is possibly less popular and thus more difficult to find. Because this flower is both gorgeous and unique, lavender roses are commonly offered to convey exceptional love.

“Lavender flowers exude beauty, majesty, and radiance. Similarly to other purple roses,” Palomares was introduced.

4. Dark Pink

Roses come in three different pink hues. They all represent appreciation, grace, and joy.

Friends might be given dark pink roses to convey gratitude and happiness for their friendship.

5. Medium Pink

According to experts, medium pink is the most flexible color because it may be used for a range of circumstances.

Medium pink roses can be offered to show affection, gratitude, or even sorrow.

6. Soft Pink

In a sorrowful situation, soft pink roses give a message of admiration, kindness, and sympathy.

Note: The influence of color on human psychology based on the color pink is considered a color that gives a calming effect.

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7. White

White roses represent innocence, purity, and new beginnings. Historically, the white rose has also been associated with virginity.

That’s why white roses are renowned as bridal flowers because weddings represent new beginnings.

8. Purple

Purple flowers represent intense passion and deeper feelings of love.

9. Orange

Orange roses, like purple roses, are associated with passion. This rose also represents passion and excitement.

Orange flowers are also in the middle of red roses, which represent love, and yellow roses, representing friendship.

As a result, this rose can be offered to friends when sentiments of love begin to arise.

Orange is also a color that is less comfortable for the eyes when viewed for a long time.

10. Salmon

When you want to portray feelings of fire and enthusiasm, the salmon hue is a good choice.

Salmon roses also represent passion and individuality.

11. Cream

“Beige roses represent charm and tenderness. These flowers can also be used to let someone know they are remembered,” Florist Palomares spoke up.

Cream roses can also be used to express gratitude or to make someone smile.

12. Burgundy

Burgundy roses, like red roses, are an excellent choice for lovers. Its lovely color symbolizes loyalty and is a unique alternative to traditional red.

13. Green

Green roses are associated with new beginnings, vitality, abundance, and regeneration.

This color is a combination of blue and yellow and is generally a physically calming color that can produce a simultaneous or continuous increase in emotional response.

14. Blue

The rarity of blue roses in nature lends them a mysterious symbolism. Because of its color, this rose symbolizes uniqueness.

Because of its color, this rose symbolizes uniqueness.

Research shows that blue can increase productivity and creativity, lower body temperature and pulse, and is the most preferred color globally.

15. Black

There are no black roses in nature, so they’re a little more complicated dark color. When this rose first bloomed, it was a dark purple color. There are many meanings for black roses: mystery, sleight of hand, death, and sorrow.

Great intensity in the use of black can cause various negative feelings such as depression, emptiness, and moodiness.

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