Grasslands Garden

Story of Day :

Located at 6323 NE 11th Avenue


In March 2019, Grasslands Garden just got an amazing plot of land for the UFC, and the Oregon Tradeswomen built a shed.

Around the same time, we also gained access to water onsite! With vegetables, flowers, herbs, and fruit grown, there’s a great space for volunteers to share their ideas or take on a project of their own.

Plans here at Grasslands are practically limitless in the future. People hope to integrate rainwater collection and introduce pollinator habitats and fruit trees by 2020.

The hope is to create a greenhouse in 2020 with recycled materials so we can grow all year! There’s tons of potential at Grasslands, and we are excited for it to expand with community involvement.

Work party schedule: Mondays 11-1 pm

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