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How many Brussel Sprouts per Plant

The Ultimate Guide to Brussel Sprouts

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Short answer:

You can expect an average yield of 1-2 pounds of brussel sprouts per plant.

Brussel sprouts have been called the “vegetable of the future” by some, but for others, they are a dreaded addition to any plate. Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying that these little green veggies pack a punch in terms of nutrients and health benefits. But if you’re planning on growing your own brussel sprouts, one question that might be on your mind is how many can you expect per plant?

Factors that Affect Yield

Before we dive into specific numbers, it’s important to understand that there are several factors that influence how many brussel sprouts you’ll get from each plant. These include:

  • Variety
  • Growing conditions (soil quality, water levels)
  • Care and maintenance (fertilization and pest control)
  • Spacing


Different varieties will produce different yields with different sized heads.

It’s worth noting which variety will grow best in your climate zone.

Growing conditions:

The quality of soil, access to water levels and sunlight can help you maximize your brussel sprout yield. Brussel sprouts under duress may not produce much head growth.

Care and maintenance:

Ensuring appropriate fertilization that supports leafy growth will be beneficial for increasing potential yields. Pest control should also protect the young plants so they are not decimated before reaching maturity.

Yield Expectations:

On average, a fully matured plant provides around 1-2 pounds of brussel sprouts per harvest season (fall or winter). In comparison to other veggies, this output is relatively low given how long it takes for the vegetable heads to develop (about 90 days) from seedling size.
But take heart! If you’re impatient in anticipation of your first crop harvests, it’s worth remembering that your initial rounds will often generate lower yields than subsequent ones – giving more incentive for waiting an extra few weeks or months before harvesting.

Although some gardeners may see less on their plants because of pests or improperly timed pruning others might over-produce with enough care and nurturing–resulting in up-to five pounds yield per plant!

As with many things in life: larger individual plants don’t necessarily mean larger cumulative yield; cultivating several smaller-sized heads more adeptly distributed across numerous stalks can meet similar outputs when all said and done.

In Conclusion:

Growing Brussels Sprouts takes patience but pays off culinary wise as well as nutritional value. By understanding what factors affect their growth rate like climate zone location fertilizer application could assist higher yields at harvest time. Whether through trial-and-error experience observing online research results practically applying proven tactics always helping cultivate healthy gardens won’t go amiss either!

Overall, you can expect between 1-5 pounds from each plant dependent on how well it is cared for, there’s no denying that in the end, every bite will be worth the effort.

So why not plant a few seeds and see what kind of yield you can get from your own brussel sprout plants? Just remember to care about them with enough TLC they need to grow healthy heads so that next season you can reap even more delicious rewards.

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