8 Top Indoor plants that Will Bring Fragrance Into Your Home

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A lot of the plants we choose for our homes are foliage plants—they are grown for their aesthetic value and don’t usually flower. In any case, their blooms are usually quite insignificant.


There are a lot of lovely flowering plants that may be grown indoors and that also have a pleasant scent.

They can be brought indoors while they are flowering but they may be a little dull thereafter and will perform better outdoors in the long run.

It may be a bit much for some people to handle the heady perfumes of some scented plants. Here are a few of our favorite indoor plants for those who prefer gentle, wafting scents.

Top 8 most fragrant indoor plants



English or French lavenders prefer to grow outdoors, but they can be kept indoors for several weeks while in bloom. Ruffled spikes of flowers are common in some of the popular varieties.



Gardenias are a beautiful addition to any home, but if you’re looking for a subtle fragrance, this might be a bit too strong. The leaves are a great foil to the creamy white flowers that last for several weeks on the bush.

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Wax flower or Hoya


The hoya’s waxy pink to red flowers have a delicate scent that won’t overpower. In addition to good light and warmth, this climbing plant is also happy indoors. Keep your flooring protected from the heads of flowers, as they can drop and make a sticky mess.

Potted citrus tree


Lemon, lime, cumquat, and orange trees all have pretty fruit and flower sets, and many are also good indoor pot plants that can be trimmed and carried indoors as they’re flowering and fruiting.

The fruit and leaves will still smell like citrus after the waxy white flowers have finished, creating a silky aroma.

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Bay laurel or sweet laurel

Bay laurel or sweet laurel

The Bay Laurel tree is well-known for its succulent, light brown bay leaves that can be used to flavour soups, casseroles and Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.

The plant itself will never flower, but its attractive leaves are most desired. Rotate it between the outdoors and the indoors on a regular basis to remain healthy.

Orange jasmine


Orange jessamine, also known as Murraya paniculata, is a stunning outdoor hedge plant (in warm climates) that has citrus-scented white flowers that look like real citrus flowers.

It produces a pleasant perfume if rubbed. M. paniculata should be grown indoors only during the flowering season.

Seasonal bulbs

Seasonal bulbs

Growing hyacinths and freesias in pots, and bringing them indoors while they’re in flower and an aromatic form is a lovely option.

Their season is brief—perhaps a couple of weeks—but their looks and smells will add a glamorous touch indoors. White to crimson variations are available in spring-flowering bulbs.



Stephanotis flowers are elegant white and star-shaped and have been used as bridal bouquets for thousands of years.

They are pleasantly fragrant and blossom freely on this vine. Stephanotis requires a bright location outside of draughts to flourish. This plant may be brought inside when in bloom if desired.

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