Stokes Aster Plant : Complete Guide And Care Tips

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The Complete Guide to Stokes Aster Plant: Care Tips and More

Are you looking for a beautiful and easy-to-care-for plant that will add color to your garden year-round? Look no further than the stokes aster! This versatile plant is perfect for both beginners and experienced gardeners alike, bringing a burst of vibrant hues to any space.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about caring for your stokes aster.

Plant Overview

The stokes aster (Stokesia laevis) is native to the southeastern United States and is a member of the Asteraceae family.

It produces stunning blue, purple or white flowers with yellow centers atop sturdy stalks that rise above its foliage.

Its leaves are lance-shaped, dark green in color, and grow in a rosette formation close to the ground.

Planting Location

Care Tips

  • Water: Keep soil moist but not waterlogged; water when top inch of soil feels dry.
  • Fertilizer: Feed with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer in spring and fall.

    Use a water-soluble fertilizer every two weeks during the growing season.

  • Pruning: Deadhead spent blooms to encourage more flowers.

    Cut back foliage by one-third after blooming is finished to promote new growth and prevent disease.

  • Pests/Disease: Stokes asters are relatively pest-free but can be susceptible to fungal diseases such as powdery mildew.

    Keep leaves dry and space plants far apart for good air circulation.



The stokes aster comes in various colors, including blue, purple, white or pink shades of blossoms that are perfect for adding a pop of color to your garden or cut flower arrangements.

Some popular varieties include:

  • ‘Peachie’s Pick’ – vibrant coral-pink flowers
  • ‘Klaus Jelitto’ – lavender-blue flowers with yellow centers
  • ‘Purple Parasols’ – deep purple petals with yellow centers.

Uses in Landscaping Design

The stokes aster is versatile enough to be used in various landscaping designs.

Here are some ideas:



The stokes aster is an easy-to-grow and stunning plant that will add color and vibrancy to any garden.

With its beautiful flowers, long blooming period, and ease of care, it’s no wonder this plant has become a favorite among gardeners in the southeastern United States.

Follow our care tips to ensure your stokes asters thrive year-round!

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