23 Types of White Flowers with Pictures

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Some of you may want plants that are a certain color in your home garden. I think you should go in white.

To plant white flowers, there are a lot of good reasons to do so. Putting white flowers in a room can make it look beautiful and calm.

Furthermore, the color is neutral, so you can use it with a variety of other colors.

There is also a reason why white flowers are good for the landscape. They will light up dark areas and make other colors look even brighter.

Well, if you want to learn more about plants with white flowers from the following sources, read on.

Also, read about types of red flowers, yellow flowers, purple flowers, black flowers, pink flowers.

Types of White Flowers

1. Camellia


A lot of people might know that this flower is one of the main ingredients for tea.

Apart from making delicious tea, these blossoms will also create a lovely decoration for your home or yard. The flowers will have huge petals that will undoubtedly capture people’s attention when it blooms.

Luckily, these flowers can bloom for many weeks from the early summer to late summer or the beginning of fall.

2. Amaryllis


If you’re looking for an easy flower to grow, then choose the Amaryllis flower. These flowers are not only beautiful but also tough because they can grow in almost all kinds of environments.

However, in a 4-season country, the flowers usually bloom in the early spring until 6-8 weeks later.

It does not last long, however people don’t need to take care of it too much so it can grow.

3. Calla Lily

Calla Lily white flowers

These are the next white flowers you should have in your garden or house. It is called the Calla Lily.

These aren’t real lily, but it looks just as good and elegant as real lilies because of their unique shape.

It is recommended that you plant calla lilies in full sun.

When growing calla lilies in pots, it is recommended that they be placed in an area where they will receive around six hours of sunlight each day.

4. Baby’s Breath

Baby’s Breath

One of the white flowers that also comes in many other colors is Baby’s Breath. As its name suggests, the shape of these flowers is small and has a star shape.

Even though they are small, with their unique shape, people can notice them easily when you use them in a bouquet.

Although this plant prefers full sun, it can live with little as 4 hours of direct sunlight every day. However, they may not bloom as profusely or grow as large in part shade.

Because baby’s breath is a drought-tolerant plant, it requires well-drained soil.

Additionally, given its preference for gypsum-rich soils, it thrives in alkaline soil.

Also, read about the flower’s color’s meaning.

5. White Tulips

White Tulips

These flowers may be one of the white flowers that most people are common with.

Many people love to plant these flowers because they can grow high and have strong stems.

Rich, well-drained soil, regular watering, and a little fertilizer will typically suffice to ensure these flowers grow in strength and are colorful.

6. Spider Mum

Spider Mum

To get white flowers with an interesting shape, plant the spider mum.

Just like its name, this flower looks like a spider’s leg because it has long and narrow petals.

The bad news is that Spider Mum isn’t as easy to plant as tulips because they only grow well in the winter.

However, if it gets too cold, the flowers will die because they will be frozen and die.

7. Snowdrop


Another flower that can grow in the winter is the Snowdrop, which is very different from other plants.

These flowers look like three drops of water falling from a stem-like falling.

Also, their white petals smell like honey.

They only grow in cold or mild winters. So, they won’t grow well if you plant them in Florida or Southern California, which are hot.

8. Daffodil


The next white flower that can grow in any environment is the Daffodil, one of the most well-known.

These flowers don’t just come in white. It also comes in different colors.

It’s also possible that there is another color inside white, like yellow. This is why you might not want to choose white.

To grow these flowers in your garden, make sure they get enough sun and water.

9. Dahlia


One of the incredible white flowers that everyone loves is the Dahlia Pinnata or more popular as Dahlia.

What makes these flowers so beautiful is the number of white petals they have, which look blooming.

People also don’t need to water them too much because they only need moderate watering when they bloom.

10. Daisy


As a Daisy is a very common flower, everyone agrees that this flower is very pretty.

Some people think this flower is a weed, but it can make people happy if you can grow them well.

Plant them well because they can grow in any weather.

11. Foxgloves


This plant itself is unique as not many people have them.

They are also normally found in pink and purple, however, if you are lucky enough you can find them in white.

If you happen to find one, then check the inside as it usually has a different color.

12. Snapdragon Flowers

Snapdragon white Flowers

For those looking for a tall beautiful flower then try planting in Snapdragon flowers.

With their great height and shape, these white flowers make a great decoration to the garden or for an occasion.

Another added value from this flower is the leaves, and flowers can be used for medicinal uses too.

13. Iceberg Roses

Iceberg Roses

They are white flowers that can bloom for a long time and can grow in tropical areas.

They are a great flower to plant in the garden because they don’t need a lot of water, except when it’s very dry out there.

Besides, they can bloom all year long, from early spring to late winter.

Also, read about how to grow and care for gardenia plants.

14. Hydrangea


The next flower on the list is Hydrangea, a popular flower in North America because of its beauty and ease of care.

Normally, they come in a lot of different shapes and sizes.

However, no matter what size they are, they always look great! In the same way, they can last a long time to bloom, just like Iceberg roses.

15. Jasmine


Many people know and use this flower because it smells so good.

So, if you choose to plant this flower in your garden, you can smell jasmine every day.

People will also get a garden that is both peaceful and pretty.

16. Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

Many different names know these flowers because of how it looks. People call it May Bells, Lady Tears, and more.

These look like an up-down bell, but some say it’s like big tears.

It doesn’t matter what people say about this flower. It’s unique and great for your garden.

The leaves will usually start to bloom in early spring, and the flowers will begin to bloom in the spring until the end of the summer.

17. Orchid

White Orchid

People who want white flowers that are also mixed with other colors should check out the orchid flowers, which are also white.

If you choose a white species, the inside will be purple or pink most of the time. As for the petals on the outside, they are a white-yellow color.

It’s also important for people to know that planting these flowers isn’t easy and can be a little tricky.

But when they can grow, it’s all worth it.

18. Queen Anne’s Lace

White Queen Anne’s Lace

These are wildflower plants found in many places in the United States of America.

Because many people think they are weeds, they can make your garden look good if you can keep them in check.

Queen Anne’s Lace is great because it can grow very tall and bloom a lot for a long time.

People don’t have to spend time and money to get a beautiful garden.

19. White Anemone

White Anemone

Simple yet pretty-looking flowers that will also make your garden look good are the White Anemone.

Not many people know but these flowers are part of the buttercup family!

Briefly, these flowers do look a bit like a daisy, however, the petals are a bit curved making them look like a cup.

A great thing about having these flowers in the garden is they are easy to care for!

20. Wisteria

If you want to finish your garden with a flower hanging, you should try Wisteria.

Because these flowers can grow very long, it is best to plant them on high walls or places.

When they grow, you can see beautiful scenery and smell good.

21. Moonflower

Moon white flowers

If you live in a subtropical or tropical place, you’re not likely to have heard of these flowers.

It’s possible to live in one of these places and plant one of these flowers in your garden.

These flowers are great because they grow well and smell great all year long in your garden. At night, the smell gets stronger.

22. Lobelia

Lobelia Flowers

Lobelia is the next white flower on the list to make your garden look beautiful. They usually grow in cold places, but some can grow in warmer areas.

However, when summer comes, cut them back. When the temperature starts to get cooler, they will grow back.

23. Azalea


A flower-like Azalea shows that spring has come when you see them in your garden.

These flowers will start to grow when the weather is still cold, like at the start of spring.

During full sunlight, they will grow even more. Please keep them in the sun all day and don’t forget to water them.

If you want to have a good flower, you need to follow these rules.

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