26 Types of Yellow Flowers with Pictures

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The color yellow gives the meaning of warmth and a sense of happiness and seems to want to cause a desire to play. This color also contains the essence of optimism, enthusiasm, and cheerfulness.

Psychologically, the color yellow refers to the happiest color, striking and blends with extroverts. This color is usually used by people who want to appear or want to be noticed by others.

Yellow is touted as the color of the sun that looks natural. Its existence can stimulate the activity of the mind and mental. The impression contained in yellow is very well used to support logical and analytical reasoning.

Therefore, individuals who like yellow tend to be wiser and smarter from an academic point of view, so they are more creative and good at creating original ideas.

If you are one of those who like yellow, we will show you special types of ornamental plants with yellow flowers on this page.

Types of Yellow Flowers

1. Yellow Iris

Yellow Iris Flowers

Our first yellow flowers list is Yellow Iris. These flowers are so easy to grow but considered to be invasive. That is why the best way to grow them is in a pot.

Plant them in a small pot and put them in your garden or terrace. If you plant them directly in the soil of your garden, you need to prune them routinely.

2. Billy Button

Billy Button Yellow Flowers

These yellow flowers are so cute because it looks like a pom ball. Also known as Craspedia Globosa, these flowers will stun your garden and boost your mood.

Simply plant them in garden beds or vas with water. Sunlight makes them grow better.

3. Evening Primroses

Evening Primroses

Should you want to lift the spirit, you should plant these flowers in your garden. It is actually a wildflower but so easy to grow and have a beautiful look.

Furthermore, it doesn’t require special treatment and can grow by itself.

4. Bird of Paradise

Also known as Strelitzia, these yellow flowers have a unique shape. Like perennial flowers, you need to put them in a spot where they may get full sunlight.

Putting them in a dim area may cause them to die. So, it is not suitable for an indoor plant.

5. Black-Eyed Suzan

Black-Eyed Suzan

Commonly known as an annual flower, these yellow flowers usually bloom best in late summer. Because of its shape, people usually get confused and take them as daisies. These flowers can grow tall to 4 feet.

To reach their best bloom, you need to plant them where sunlight fully shines them. Also, don’t forget to drain the soil routinely.

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6. Prickly Ear

Prickly Ear

Not only beautiful to see but also edible. Belonging to the cactus family, you can harvest the fruit and eat it directly or turn it into fruit salad or juice.

These flowers are so easy to grow because it only needs well-drained soil and sunlight. You can plant them in your garden but prepare a specific area away from pathways.

7. Pansy


The Pansy flower is so cute because it has a black spot in the buds that looks like ears. These flowers are also an edible and gardener favorite. If you want to plant them in your garden, you must water them to thrive.

It grows well when it gets a lot of water. Don’t forget to put them under direct sunlight.

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8. Primrose


It has the botanical name Primula Vulgaris; the yellow flowers have a cute shape and range of varieties. Primroses are so beautiful and grow high up to 2 feet.

Since it doesn’t require a lot of sunlight and grows well in the shade, you can plant them as an indoor plant. However, keep the soil moist.

9. Sunflower


Everybody loves and recognizes sunflowers. It has two types of sizes, big and small, but both of them are suitable for your garden.

They’re easy to grow, and the best part is the seed is edible. You can use them as ornamental flowers too. To reach the best bloom and height, grow them in direct sunlight.

10. Yellow Lily

Yellow Lily

If you want the yellow flowers to color your garden with low maintenance, then you can always choose yellow lilies. These flowers, considered one of the most popular around the world, blooms best at the beginning of spring.

Put them in a pot under partial shade to get the best bloom. Don’t worry; they can grow everywhere.

11. Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy

Daisy’s lovers must plant the cute yellow flowers. It will give you cheerful and bright colors in your garden that will boost your mood.

The buds are small, only around 2-5 diameters. It also only needs well-drained soil, full sun, and take care of the root.

The crown root is the common problem for Gerbera daisies due to too deep planting.

12. Carnations


Popular for its wide range of colors, Carnations also come in soft yellow. These flowers will bloom on their long-serrated petal.

If you wish to plant them in the garden, then you must provide moist and well-drained soil. Also, put them under full sun with partial shade.

Maintain the flower bloom by removing spent flowers regularly.

13. Marigold


As an annual flower, Marigolds will bloom all summer. That is why in summer, Marigold is so popular. Its bright color blends beautifully with a ruffled and layered thick head. When you touch it, it feels so soft, just like cotton.

Another mention of yellow flowers that need full sunlight but pretty much grow in any soil.

14. Yellow Rose


Every rose has its thorn, but the yellow rose is the prettiest.

Rose is considered the oldest flower and tea rose to exist since prior to 1867. But modern roses have a wide range of fragrances and bloom almost all seasons.

The endless color selection is something special about these flowers.

15. Tickseed


These yellow flowers are sometimes ignored or not a favorite for gardeners. But actually, it has a long blooming time, so it can color your garden for a long period.

Simply put them in several spots to make your garden always cheerful. Moreover, it doesn’t require high maintenance but only well-drained soil and sunlight.

16. Daylily


As its name suggests, it is the next from the yellow flower family that will bloom from morning to evening. In the evening, it seems like it’s withered, but it’s not. They will wake up again in the morning, especially when the sunshine is on them.

You can put them in a pot or plant them directly in the soil. But remember to prune the dying leaves to keep them pretty.

17. Water Lilies

Water Lilies

Another from this list of yellow flowers that you can grow in your house is water lily. It’s very fun growing these flowers because all you need is just water.

Meanwhile, the container can be anything. It’s a perfect way of turning unused containers, isn’t it? Simply put it under sunlight or a bright spot in your house, and it grows well.

18. Chrysanthemum


Chrysant is also the most popular flower in the world because it grows in almost every place on earth. While coloring your garden and your house with its bright color, these flowers can be turned into tea as well.

Chrysanthemum tea is known for its light and unique flavor and has a relaxing effect on the human body.

19. Ranunculus


Commonly known for its long stem and big buds, ranunculus can grow many blooms. Moreover, it has a long vase of life so you can enjoy them blooming in your garden.

When they bloom, you can cut them and put them in a vase with water. But, if you cut them, don’t cut the foliage because it gathers sunlight for the next bloom period.

20. Bulbine


These flowers come from South Africa, so it grows well in heat and dry soil. As a member of the succulent family, Bulbine will grow in clumps, and the stalks usually reach 2 feet tall.

If you want to grow them, then you must put them in well-drained soil with full sun. Also, routinely remove the dead flower so it can produce a new bloom.

21. Yellow Tulip

Yellow Tulip flowers

Yes, tulips may come in a wide range of colors, but yellow is the most relaxing yet attractive. Just imagining having them in your garden can boost your mood.

So, if you want to turn it into reality, then all you have to do is plant them in full sun or partial shade. Just wait until early spring to see it bloom.

22. Coreopsis


At a glance, you may catch them as daisies for their similar looks. The difference is that the edge of its petals is wider and bumpier than a daisy. It grows well in a pot or direct soil. Make sure the soil is well-drained, and you put them in a spot with full sun. Also, remove deadheads so it blooms longer.

23. Goldenrod


These perennial wildflowers will adorn your garden and ease you from high maintenance. It may bloom along with its long leafy stalks. However, the best season for these flowers to blossom is in late summer.

Since these flowers are easy to grow and tend to spread everywhere fast, you may consider pruning them routinely. Otherwise, you can put them in a pot plant rather than direct soil.

24. Daffodil


The next mention of yellow flowers will tempt you because it has a cute and exquisite shape. Moreover, it needs little effort to plant and take care of them.

All you need to do is just water them and make sure to get enough sunlight. It is also a beautiful cut flower too.

25. Hellebores

Hellebores have a red dotted pattern in their petals. It has long and slim stalks where three to four flowers will grow.

These flowers will blossom in early springs. So, when you find hellebores blooming, then you know that winter is over.

26. Begonia


Yellow begonia is also known as hybrid begonia. One of the best yellow begonias is Roseform Yellow. Just like other begonias, you can grow them in pot plants or direct soil.

In soil, it may grow tall with strong stalks, sometimes torn. But if you grow them in a pot, the stalks will be smaller but with bigger leaves.

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