How to Grow Hydroponic Sweet Potatoes Indoors

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How grow sweet potatoes hydroponically is a way to grow plants without using soil.

It is considered a new way of planting. Usually, sweet potatoes are grown for leaves and tubers; this method is used to decorate the corner of the study table and corporate office to bring a beautiful and relaxing space for everyone.

The following article will guide you on how to grow simple water yams at home!

What is a hydroponic sweet potato?


Hydroponic sweet potato is just the name of the new method of growing plants in this article.

The purpose of this planting is to make ornamental plants.

Usually, they are planted directly in the ground to get vegetables and tubers to eat.

However, for this method, it is planted in a vase, a pot filled with water so that the buds can grow green into a beautiful and economic bonsai pot.

Instructions on how to grow hydroponic sweet potatoes at home

Some of the ingredients that must be prepared when planting water sweet potatoes

Here are some of the tools needed to prepare how to grow ornamental sweet potatoes as follows:

  • Glasses, glass vases, and small pots with sizes depending on taste.
  • Use 4 toothpicks or small skewers.
  • Clean water.
  • If the tree grows large, you will need to prepare more pots for the plant.
  • Prepare the sweet potatoes of the desired size.

If you choose a vase or cup that is too big or too small, it will make the whole pot look unsightly, so consider it before planting!

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The process of growing hydroponic sweet potatoes


In a study corner or office desk at a company, water sweet potatoes are still the perfect choice that can replace succulents or cacti.

Here’s how to cultivate water sweet potatoes that you should consider:

Step 1: You can cut the sweet potato in half or leave the tuber whole, then use a bamboo toothpick to pierce the center of the potato to create support when placed in a glass of water or glass jar.

Step 2: Next, place the sweet potato that has been made into a rack in a cup of water so that the bamboo toothpick helps the sweet potato hang in the middle of the water cup. Align the sweet potatoes, so they are in the center of the cup and not sinking to the bottom.

Step 3: Continue pouring water into the cup so that the water level is around the sweet potatoes. Then place the water cup in a cool place and get full sun.

Step 4: A week after planting, you should change the water once for the sweet potatoes; they will start to grow first shoots and put out young leaves after about two weeks.

Step 5: After 1 month from planting, sweet potatoes start to branch a lot. At this point you can trim the top to help the tree grow more beautiful branches.

Step 6: When sweet potatoes grow too fast, you should plant them in pots to help the plants grow greener and produce new tubers!

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After planting sweet potatoes in water, how do you take care of them?


Sweet potato plants love sunlight, so they need to be exposed to sunlight 2-3 times a week to help the plant grow steadily.

Spray water on the sweet potato leaves and stems 1-2 times a day to prevent the skin and young shoots from drying out.

In the process of growth, the tree must be carefully pruned, removing yellow leaves, pests. The young leaves and shoots are used to make many nutritious dishes.

Since plants are grown hydroponically indoors, they are somewhat susceptible to pests and diseases.

If the roots are waterlogged, cut off the damaged parts and apply 0.5% potassium permanganate, soak the roots for 10 minutes, then wash with water.

Change the water and clean the vase, fix the plant with a pulley (support) for 7-15 days.

Change the water every 2 days until the plant has new roots, then put the plant in a pot for regular repotting.

Some issues to keep in mind with how to grow hydroponic sweet potatoes

Here are some things to note about how to grow sweet potatoes hydroponically as follows:

  • The leaves and stems will overtake the top when there is enough light so you can control the tree’s growth. If you like a plant with broad foliage, allow it to dry regularly in the sun.
  • When the stalks are tall, it’s best to trim them to create an aesthetically pleasing shape or knit branches, so the tree doesn’t fall over and is strong enough to stand up straight.
  • In order to limit harmful algae in the water, it is recommended to combine the nutrient solution with hydrogen peroxide or 0.1% potassium permanganate to facilitate the release of oxygen to inhibit algae growth.

If you are using a glass jar or cup, you can add some colorful stones or some guppies, goldfish, etc. to create a lively aquarium atmosphere.

Another unique way to decorate is to plant water bulbs in the aquarium. In this type of planting, only the tubers are in little contact or close to the surface of the water and the plant will absorb the rising steam causing the roots to fall into the water.

So our above article has shown you how to grow a super simple water yam at home, and also revealed to you how to care for the plant after planting.

I hope you can grow the tree you want!

Good luck.


  1. This is how to start sweet potatoes in water not how to grow hydroponic sweet potatoes. In hydroponics you grow to maturity in a hydroponic system. Rename your article it is misleading. How to grow sweet potato starts in water is the correct title. If you grow hydroponically you harvest from the plant being grown in the water system & there is no need to transplant into soil. I found this article in my search for growing sweet potatoes hydroponically so that I could know the proper fertilizer solution ratios and you wasted my time.

    1. Hey there
      as I know there is nothing about soil and Fertilizer Information in this content.
      and this is only for small purposes in the home!
      Thank you

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