The Secret Life Of Plants: Amazing Facts You Never Knew

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The Secret Life of Plants: Amazing Facts You Never Knew

Plants are fascinating creatures that have the ability to grow from a tiny seed into a magnificent tree.

They play an essential role in our lives, providing us with food, oxygen, and a beautiful environment to live in.

But did you know that plants have their own secret life? In this article, we will explore some amazing facts about plants that you never knew.

Plants Communicate with Each Other

You may think that plants just sit there and grow quietly, but they actually communicate with each other through chemical signals.

When one plant is attacked by insects or animals, it releases chemicals into the air that alert nearby plants to start producing natural insecticides or toxins to protect themselves.

  • In one study conducted by researchers at the University of Missouri, it was found that when tomato plants were subjected to drought conditions, they released chemicals into the air that alerted nearby corn plants of the impending water shortage.
  • This communication between different species of plants is called allelopathy.


Plants Can Hear and Respond to Music

Did you know that playing music for your houseplants can actually help them grow better? It might sound crazy, but studies have shown that certain types of music can stimulate plant growth while others can hinder it.

  • A study conducted by Dorothy Retallack in 1973 showed how different genres of music affected plant growth.

    She played rock music for one group of plants and classical music for another group over a period of two weeks.

  • The results showed that the classical music group grew faster and taller than the rock music group which had grown away from speakers as much as possible indicating discomfort
  • Although such study has not been replicated in modern times, it is possible that plants might respond positively to music.

Plants Can Move


You may have seen time-lapse videos of plant growth, but did you know that some plants can actually move in real-time?

  • The mimosa plant is known for its ability to fold up its leaves when touched.

    This is an adaptive mechanism that helps the plant protect itself from potential threats like insects and animals.

  • The Venus flytrap is another example of a plant that can move.

    When an insect lands on its leaves, the trap snaps shut, trapping the insect inside before digesting it for food.

Plants Have Memory

Believe it or not, plants have memory! They are able to remember past experiences and use this information to adapt to changing environments.


  • In one study conducted by Monica Gagliano at the University of Western Australia, she found that pea seedlings were able to remember a sound associated with light exposure even after several days had passed.

    The seedlings grew towards where they remembered hearing the sound as if expecting more light exposure from there.

  • This ability is called habituation and can help plants survive in changing environments by remembering which areas were safe or dangerous previously resulting in better adaptation over time.

  • Conclusion: Plants Are Amazing Creatures!

    We often take plants for granted without realizing how fascinating they really are.

    From communicating with each other through chemical signals and responding positively or negatively when exposed to different genres of music; moving their leaves away from touch trigger points; having memory capacity which allows them adjust according past experiences; there’s so much we never knew about plants.

    As garden bloggers, we should strive to educate others about these amazing facts and inspire them to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the plant world.


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