7 Cat-Friendly Plants to Grow at Home

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If you have a cat, your indoor greenery may well be at risk because our cats love to gnaw, scratch, or paw at plants.


Cats may have fibre cravings, pleasant fragrance preferences, or just be bored, but they have a thing for plants.

If your plants can’t be defeated, join them. Instead of seeing your favourite plants suffer the claw’s curiosity, try growing plants that cats will particularly enjoy, including chemical and all-around peculiar aromas.



It’s well known as a favourite among cats because of its minty aroma and harmless effects on around half of them. Because of its distinctive flavour, it is also enjoyable to humans.

Because it is nontoxic, easy to grow, and has a stimulating effect on cats, catnip is a favourite choice for many. It may be grown outside of the cat’s reach and consumed as a rare treat.

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Valerian Cat Friendly Plant

White valerian flowers are appealing to pollinators and root extracts are often used as sleep aids, but this pungent plant is also a stimulant for cats and produces a similar reaction as catnip.

Although some perfumes use valerian oil, some people find its smell objectionable.

Cat Thyme

Cat Thyme

This is a reasonably effective catnip alternative for cats that don’t care for catnip. Summertime blooms emit a powerful fragrance.

Licorice Root

Licorice Root

Cats enjoy the taste of this well-known plant root, but it can also help keep them healthy. This anti-inflammatory substance can help ease arthritic pain, promote liver health and possibly help to treat constipation.

Cat Grass

Cat Grass

Wheat, oat, and barley grasses are all eligible for use as cat grass. Although these grasses are not as compelling as catnip, cats occasionally consume small quantities.

Cat grass is excellent for supporting kitty health in addition to digestion, hairball management, and lack of common pet food nutrients.



Lemongrass is an easy-to-cultivate indoor or outdoor grass that provides the same cat-friendly benefits as some of the other cat-friendly grasses. It is a popular choice for both humans and felines.



Because mint plants are quick to grow and are a favourite of cats, they are frequently chosen when cat damage is present.

Cats are more likely to sniff and roll around in mint than to eat it, but peppermint might make them sick if eaten in large amounts.

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