Scindapsus Exotica Plant : Complete Guide And Care Tips

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The Scindapsus Exotica: A Complete Guide and Care Tips

Gardeners and houseplant enthusiasts alike have been raving about the Scindapsus Exotica, a beautiful climbing plant with heart-shaped leaves.

Native to Southeast Asia, this plant has become a popular addition to indoor gardens because of its easy maintenance and aesthetic appeal.

In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about caring for your Scindapsus Exotica.

What is the Scindapsus Exotica?

The Scindapsus Exotica is a species of climbing vine belonging to the Araceae family.

It has heart-shaped leaves that are green in color, with silver variegation on mature leaves.

The young leaves have coppery hue that fades away as they mature.

This plant can grow up to 15 meters long when left unpruned.

Lighting Requirements


The Scindapsus Exotica prefers bright indirect sunlight- it cannot tolerate direct sunlight which can cause burns on its delicate foliage.

Placing it near an east-facing window or any spot in your home that receives bright but indirect light is ideal for its growth.

Soil Requirements

  • The soil used for the scindapus exoptia should be well-draining soil such as peat-based mixtures or organic matter rich composts mixed with perlite or coarse sand at equal proportions
  • A pH range between 5-7 works best for this plant
  • A standard potting mix also works well if extra drainage holes are added at the bottom of your container
  • This plants does not like wet feet so be sure not overwater it.

Watering Requirements

Having well-draining soil helps to regulate the water requirements of this plant.

Water your Scindapsus Exotica only when the top layer of soil feels dry to touch.

Ensure that you do not overwater it as it can cause root rot which could be fatal for your plant.


Fertilizer Requirements

The Scindapsus Exotica benefits from regular fertilization during the growing season (spring and summer).

A balanced fertilizer (10-10-10) will provide all necessary nutrients needed for healthy growth, but ensure not to exceed recommended dosages as this can cause nutrient burn on its leaves.

Humidity Requirements

The Scindapsus Exotica prefers high humidity levels, so consider placing a humidifier near it, or keeping a tray filled with pebbles and water beneath its pot.


Pruning Requirements

  • This plants has an aggressive growth rate, pruning should be done regularly to keep in check
  • To encourage fuller foliage pinch out new leaves once they appear at stem ends.

    New shoots will emerge from behind each pinched leaf node resulting in more bushy appearance

  • If you want your plant to grow long and trailing stems then do not pinch out any new leaflets unless you want control over the direction of where they grow
  • Hanging baskets are ideal for scindapus exoptia if training them upwards does not appeal


In Summary:

Caring for your Scindapsus Exotica is easy when you have all the necessary information required.

Ensure that you place it in bright indirect sunlight or near an east-facing window; use well-draining soil; water only when the top layer is dry to touch, and provide it with high humidity levels.

Regular pruning during the growing season will keep your plant looking neat and tidy.

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